Wellness Options For The Workplace Environment

Some Workplace Wellness Options for Any Company to Implement

workplace wellnessAs companies are looking to cement their place as viable economic organizations moving forward into the future, one thing is emerging as a must do to incorporate workplace health and wellness programs into their organizational culture and practices. Research has shown that a healthy team in any workplace bodes well for productivity and talent retention. Thus, by incorporating workplace wellness programs, companies stand the benefits from more productivity as well as an increased potential for retaining their pool of talents.

And while many businesses may be tempted just to consider incorporating wellness programs that are solely concerned with the physical, the golden rule to follow is to integrate wellness programs encompassing the physical, emotional, mental, and even the intellectual wellbeing. This should be the case especially for organizations that are interested in accruing the entire benefits of their wellness programs. Herein we are going to explore some of the wellness options that businesses can incorporate into the companies with ease.

#1. Incorporating Healthy Lunch And Snacks In The Workplace
With some companies providing a limited amount of time for their team members to have lunch, the vast majority of the team members are tempted to take fast high-calorie foods. Obviously, consuming such meals on a consistent basis is not good for their health and physical well-being. As such, business organization should consider providing healthy lunch meals and snacks in their place of work.

#2. Exercising Opportunity
When focusing on the physical side of wellbeing in the workplace, businesses should consider providing an opportunity for their employees to engage in physical activities. Taking a cue from Silicon Valley giants such as Google that provide facilities and the time to participate in some physical activity during what they call the Fitness Lunch, team members have an opportunity to be physically active on a consistent basis.

For smaller businesses that do not have the funds to implement such robust programs, there are numerous alternatives to try out. For instance, small businesses may offer to hire a yoga or Pilates instructor to take their teams members through yoga and Pilates once or twice a week. They can also provide any team members who fancy stand-up furniture to increase their physical engagement stand-up desks instead of regular desks. (Pilatespal.com WordPress page for information on Pilates and how that organization is helping companies to find instructors for their wellness programs.)

#3. Create Time And Room For Team Members To Engage In Healthy Debates
Israel has emerged as a hotbed for startups, with each bringing forth new and exciting startups. A robust culture of debating has been noted as part of the foundation for Israel becoming a startup nation. It enables people to think critically, voice their opinions, and more importantly learn from one another. Obviously, while implementing this program, you should put in place strong debating rule to keep everything civil for instance, stay clear of political issues.

#4. Provide Counseling
Even though some issues may be personal and external to the workplace environment, the effects they have on productivity are real and in most cases enumerable. It thus pays to have some counseling option for team members, even at the basic level. The program does not have to be incredibly elaborate; just simple enough to help guide team members on the way forward with regards finding solutions to the current situations.

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