Wellness Options For The Workplace Environment

Some Workplace Wellness Options for Any Company to Implement

workplace wellnessAs companies are looking to cement their place as viable economic organizations moving forward into the future, one thing is emerging as a must do to incorporate workplace health and wellness programs into their organizational culture and practices. Research has shown that a healthy team in any workplace bodes well for productivity and talent retention. Thus, by incorporating workplace wellness programs, companies stand the benefits from more productivity as well as an increased potential for retaining their pool of talents.

And while many businesses may be tempted just to consider incorporating wellness programs that are solely concerned with the physical, the golden rule to follow is to integrate wellness programs encompassing the physical, emotional, mental, and even the intellectual wellbeing. This should be the case especially for organizations that are interested in accruing the entire benefits of their wellness programs. Herein we are going to explore some of the wellness options that businesses can incorporate into the companies with ease.

#1. Incorporating Healthy Lunch And Snacks In The Workplace
With some companies providing a limited amount of time for their team members to have lunch, the vast majority of the team members are tempted to take fast high-calorie foods. Obviously, consuming such meals on a consistent basis is not good for their health and physical well-being. As such, business organization should consider providing healthy lunch meals and snacks in their place of work.

#2. Exercising Opportunity
When focusing on the physical side of wellbeing in the workplace, businesses should consider providing an opportunity for their employees to engage in physical activities. Taking a cue from Silicon Valley giants such as Google that provide facilities and the time to participate in some physical activity during what they call the Fitness Lunch, team members have an opportunity to be physically active on a consistent basis.

For smaller businesses that do not have the funds to implement such robust programs, there are numerous alternatives to try out. For instance, small businesses may offer to hire a yoga or Pilates instructor to take their teams members through yoga and Pilates once or twice a week. They can also provide any team members who fancy stand-up furniture to increase their physical engagement stand-up desks instead of regular desks. (Pilatespal.com WordPress page for information on Pilates and how that organization is helping companies to find instructors for their wellness programs.)

#3. Create Time And Room For Team Members To Engage In Healthy Debates
Israel has emerged as a hotbed for startups, with each bringing forth new and exciting startups. A robust culture of debating has been noted as part of the foundation for Israel becoming a startup nation. It enables people to think critically, voice their opinions, and more importantly learn from one another. Obviously, while implementing this program, you should put in place strong debating rule to keep everything civil for instance, stay clear of political issues.

#4. Provide Counseling
Even though some issues may be personal and external to the workplace environment, the effects they have on productivity are real and in most cases enumerable. It thus pays to have some counseling option for team members, even at the basic level. The program does not have to be incredibly elaborate; just simple enough to help guide team members on the way forward with regards finding solutions to the current situations.

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What Is The Relationship Shared Between Health And Wellness

developing health and wellness in your lifeWhen most people consider “health and wellness,” they will often combine these terms. Even though the majority of people think these concepts are similar or the same; they are in fact entirely different in their meanings. However, even though they represent different things, you cannot have 1 and not the other. Here are a few reasons why.

What Is Wellness?

Where the majority of people define wellness in the way that it is health related, it has more to do with the attitude the person has towards the ways that they live. Wellness is defined as a “positive approach to living.” For example, in the subject of weight loss, this involves the mental attitude the person will take towards the goals they have in reaching a stage of living a lifestyle that is healthier.

Because weight loss is often a complex and challenging process, it becomes necessary for the person to take enough time to ensure they are mentally able to handle drastic changes to their existing lifestyle. Here are a few tips to achieve the right mental attitude.

The Use Of Mental Exercises

The majority of people disregard mental exercise when they attempt to become physically fit. However, these activity types can assist you in achieving the goals you have made more sufficiently. For example, practicing yoga or other types of physical/mental activities can help in promoting a far better attitude when it comes to weight loss goals.

Take A Day Off

Even when the healthy way of eating continues from one week to the next, it doesn’t mean the person should be going to the gym every day. It is important to take at least one day off out of a week to rest or plan a day out that you are excited about. This will offer a way to make each week go by faster and make the “dieting” process less painful and tedious.

What Is Health?

Unlike wellness, health involves a vast spectrum. The definition of health which was defined by the WHO (World Health Organization) states that “health is a state of complete social, mental and physical well-being and not just the absence of infirmity or disease.”

When thinking about this definition, it is easy to understand that wellness will have a straightforward influence on a person’s overall health. This is vital for those that are attempting to live a life that is better and focused on health.

Health and Wellness are two different concepts on their own, but you are unable to have one and not have the other, especially if you are in search of a way to be happy and healthy at the same time.

For this reason, it is suggested that before you go about setting your personal goals associated with health, you should first consider what you want from this “new transformation.” For example, “why do you want to lose weight?” Do you want to lose weight for yourself, or are you doing it to please your partner or others? You should also consider whether this goal is a short-term or long-term plan and how long it will take you to get there?

Unfortunately, many people are under the wrong impression that once they have reached their goal weight on their scale, they will be healthy. But as mentioned above, you cannot possibly achieve health without achieving wellness first.

In conclusion, you should always choose “health” for reasons that will benefit you in the long run. You also need to think seriously about how these experiences can change your current lifestyle.

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